Top October 2020: Being brave

I often think about the cabin our family had in Michigan. This summer I was thinking about stick bugs – because why not? I hadn’t seen one since I was a kid at our cabin in Michigan. I found this guy on the door at work and was so excited! He (or she) is missing a leg and was basking in the sun on the door, just waiting for me to find him. A few weeks later, I found another one in the same spot, but he had all of his legs. Two in a month. It made me really happy.

In October, I also had my first social outing! It was to Twin Oast Brewing Company to watch my friends Miss Kitty and the Litter and meet their new littermate. It was outside and I socially distanced. It was so good to see my friends and to chat for a bit. Most of my Port Clinton friends are teachers and have been going to work through the pandemic. I can’t imagine that. I already feel a deep level of appreciation for them, but teaching during a pandemic brought that to a whole new level.

I also early voted, which is how I normally vote, but this year was definitely different. I waited over an hour in line, sometimes in the rain, to cast my vote. Three voters at a time were allowed to enter our little Board of Elections office. I had to vote with a plastic baggy over my hand. It was definitely an experience and very 2020.

I have also been very very grateful for this turd during this year.

Here are other highlights:

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