National Butterfly Center, Mission, TX

Queens and Soldiers

I was so excited to visit the National Butterfly Center. It was so nice, I visited twice! Not only have I been getting more into butterflies, but I know that the National Butterfly Center has also been an advocate against the border wall.


For the last four years, the National Butterfly Center has been a vocal critic of border wall scams promoted by Former President Trump and his surrogate, Steve Bannon.  Unfortunately, Governor Greg Abbott has foolishly decided to adopt their signature campaign platform.

“In a desperate attempt to deflect from his on-going failures to protect the people of Texas from an array of ills, it appears Gov. Abbott has turned to the myth of invasion from Mexico, of criminal immigrants and lawlessness on the southern border to buoy his own political ambitions,” states Marianna Trevino Wright, executive director of the National Butterfly Center. “Too bad for him the good people of this great state have long memories.”

Short video of our first visit to the National Butterfly Center

During my second visit, while I was alone (Ryan was at Santa Ana NWR), I was on a trail on the border of the property and heard a recording playing in the distance. The first time I heard it it was in Spanish, then in English. It was a recording saying something along the lines of your safety is important, we are not the police, if you need help please let us know. There was another patrol helicopter that went over during that visit, but it wasn’t a heavy presence like our first trip to Santa Ana.

Politics and human rights issues aside, the National Butterfly Center was amazing. So many pollinator plants with butterflies and birds everywhere. It was beautiful. The second time I was there I slowly and mindfully stepped down each row of flowers taking in the environment and sunlight. Every where I looked I saw something new. It was magical.


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