Day 3.2: Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

IMG_1287 (1)

I knew beforehand that I loved the marsh, but yesterday when I found this marsh I really loved it. I didn’t see any special birds, bugs, or plants, but this landscape, and its vastness, really was beautiful.

I have to thank for helping me find this specific area. There was a parking lot at the dead end of Force Road with a gate. Old Truss Bridge, an old B&O Railroad bridge that is now planked with wood, sits over Shreve Creek. The vegetation in the creek was waving like grass in the wind. I stood there on the bridge looking into the water for a while. Looking into the water and looking for any signs of life reminds me of my time spent in Hillsdale, MI, at our family’s cabin when I was younger. I remember hearing once that as an adult, you always try to go back to or recreate the things you loved in your youth. I believe that. When I was a kid I couldn’t be happier than just playing outside, catching turtles with my cousins, and looking at minnows and bluegill from the dock. Now, as an adult, all I want to do is saturate myself in the serenity of nature. After working and going to college full time and then going right into working at the newspaper, taking on crazy hours and projects, I burnt out. Without sparing painful details, I have found what is important to me and my well-being. I am glad I could rediscover what made me so happy years ago.


Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area is the largest marsh area in Ohio outside of the Lake Erie region.


Blue Dasher

The trail after the bridge went on for a long distance, but I didn’t walk too far. It was really hot and the sun was blazing, but the little time I spent there was worthwhile.


Orange Day-Lily


Painted Turtle


Big Bur-Reed



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