Day 4.1: Wiregrass Lake – Metroparks Toledo


Great Spangled Fritillary

I finally got a photo of a Great Spangled Fritillary this morning! I headed out early because the heat was (is) going to be unbearable today. I was at Metroparks Toledo’s Wiregrass Lake by 8 a.m. Fritillaries were fritilling in the morning sunbeams down a path along the bank of Wiregrass Lake. The mosquitoes and flies were bad, but the shots that I got were worth it (and there’s always bug spray!). The two things that were great about getting there so early were: the butterflies hadn’t had their coffee yet and were slow enough for me to actually get photos of and the humans hadn’t had their coffee yet either and I was only one of three people there.

With the two people fishing on the opposite side of the lake, I walked down the trail to the left of the parking lot and went down around the bank of the lake.


Wiregrass Lake



Little Wood Satyr

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