Top February 2021: Winter>Summer

Eastern Screech Owl just outside Maumee Bay State Park

I’m well aware I am in the minority on this, but I love winter. The solitude and beauty of winter cannot be unmatched. I love the winter visitors to our area and love traveling the cold, snowy roads to find them.

New species was Lapland Longspur.

I also started a log of when I would first see a new migrant for the season
Tuesday, February 23, Red-winged Blackbird
Friday, February 26, Turkey Vulture
Saturday, February 27, Killdeer and American Crow
Sunday, February 28, Grackle

Wintery Lake Erie being a total babe.
Flock of Snow Buntings at Howard Marsh
Redpolls and Snow Buntings foraging together on the dike bordering Howard Marsh and Metzger Marsh
Red-winged Blackbird – their call is a sure sign spring is near

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