Top March 2021: Just Ducky

Waterfowl are so fun to watch. Their mannerisms are so funny and their personalities come out when you watch them interact with each other. I was fortunate enough to find a HUGE group of ducks and gulls off of Channel Grove in East Harbor.

I really had a great time watching this giant flock.

In March 2021, it seemed like the world was thinking about waking up a little and coming back to life. We started doing office days where one person on staff would get one day (that way we weren’t around someone not in our household still) and that was a nice little start to normalcy.

Firsts of the season
Friday, March 5, Double-crested Cormorant
Friday, March 12, Fox Sparrow
Saturday, March 20, Pied-billed Grebe
Sunday, March 21, Tree Swallow, Rusty Blackbird, first turtle of season
Tuesday, March 23, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Snowy Owl, snake, and Ryan saw his first dragonfly of the season!
Wednesday, March 24, Still seeing Red-breasted Nuthatch at home
Thursday, March 25, Great Blue Heron, Eastern Towhee, no more juncos in the backyard but still seeing them at Magee, also saw an azure butterfly (spring azure?)
Friday, March 26, Great Egret
Saturday, March 27, First ever Mourning Cloak!! Virginia spring beauties (wildflower) and Cabbage white (butterfly)

American Robin
Juvenile Bald Eagle

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